About me:
My name is Dillon Spiller, I'm 22 years of age currently studying Entertainment Technology at the University of Portsmouth. I was born & raised in Exeter, Devon where my parents, little brother and adorable black Lab live. I like to think of myself as a likeable, fun, outgoing kinda' guy with a vibrant personality. I enjoy trying new things; putting myself in unfamiliar situations and exploring new experiences, I'm always challenging myself and pushing myself to do more.
I am also professional, enthusiastic and motivated about my work and passions. Giving it my best efforts and aiming to achieve the highest level possible. I am passionate about creativity, putting my vision and aspiration into many art forms; graphic design, film making, animating, photography and more. 
A bit more...:​​​​​​​
I'm happy to admit I'm a bit of a nerd; I love movies, gaming and anything technological. From Star Wars to Breaking Bad and everything inbetween, I'm a massive consumer of films & TV. Anything superhero or sci-fi you can count me in! 
I'm also an avid traveller. I love getting out and about, exploring new places and cultures. I've covered Europe during my Interrailing travels in 2014. Explored a bit of America on a family road trip. But my craziest experience is winning a trip to Cancun, Mexico, in one of those competitions where you enter your email address and never expect to win! So me and my girlfriend got free flights, 5 star hotel, mayan temple ruins tour & £1000 spending money. Crazy.
About my course:
I'm currently in my final year of university studying Entertainment Technology. The course is everything I was hoping for when browsing through the multiple options of practical media courses, it offers the opportunity to learn and get hands on with a variety of units covering; computer graphics, sound design, film making, digital photography, interactive media and much more. Meaning I can expand my list of skills in a variety of industries, getting to grips with techniques and equipment. 
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